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sell faster... for more $$$

Did you know good real estate photography helps sell homes faster, and for more money?

According to a Redfin study, "professionally photographed homes priced in the $400,000 range sold three weeks faster and for more than $10,000 relative to their list price, than their counterparts with amateur photos." The same study "found that homes listed between $200,000 and $1 million sold for $3,400 to $11,200 more relative to their list price when photographed professionally with a DSLR camera." (Redfin Study)

Zillow research revealed that 79% of buyers who recently purchased homes, shopped online. Of those who purchased within 12 months of the study, almost half indicated the importance of good real estate photography in their search. (Zillow Study)

Since we are all visual creatures, it makes sense that good photography gets our attention and prompts us to look further. If you like the images in this site, give us an opportunity to help you sell faster... for more $$$.


Edited Images (up to 3,000 sqft):

Up to 15 (interior and exterior daylight) - $149
Up to 25 (interior and exterior daylight) - $179
Up to 5 (exterior twilight/night) - $69

Right Out of The Camera (up to 3,000 sqft):*

Up to 15 (interior and exterior daylight) - $99
Up to 25 (interior and exterior daylight) - $109
Up to 5 (exterior twilight/night) - $49

Call or e-mail for estimates on homes over 3,000 sqft.
All images include a non-exclusive, non-transferrable license.**

* For those who don't need editing (fastest turnaround), images right out of the camera are available. All images are shot with the intention of full editing, however this option foregoes the time taken to edit for light casting, glare through windows etc...

** The copyright remains with the photographer. Clients may not edit or provide, sell, etc... images to others without written permission from d. liddell photography.

gallery images on this page

Good real estate photography relies on taking multiple photographs of the same room, from the same location, and then blending the images into one during the editing process. Therefore, it makes no sense to offer camera settings as done in other galleries in this site. Instead, this space will be used to describe the time and work required to produce good real estate photography in an effort to promote its value within the real estate industry.

Taking good real estate photography can require much more of a process than other types of photography.

Home interiors are usually lighted by at least two sources; sunlight and light from electric bulbs (incandescent, fluorescent or LED). Each source corresponds to its own color temperature, or where it stands in the spectrum between warm and cool. In other words, each light source produces its own color. And that color gets cast upon everything inside of the house. When light casting occurs, it can make walls, ceilings and floors look inconsistently painted, even stained, in photographs. To reduce color casting, the technique (I prefer) involves photographs taken using only ambient light and photographs taken using flash. A flash "reduces" some, most, or all of the color casting, depending on the conditions in the room. Of course it also helps balance light and illuminate areas in shadow. From the same location, two, three, five or more photographs must be taken In order to capture enough information to make a single, good photograph. Including windows in images, where the outside is visible and distinguishable, requires taking additional photographs. Afterwards, during the editing process, layer masks are used to allow information from many photographs to be applied to one, until the desired result is achieved.

And finally, the agent/broker needs the results... yesterday. :)

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