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Of all the photography subjects of interest to me, landscape photography is my favorite. As someone who likes multi-tasking, I can engage in three activities at the same time whilst out and about shooting landscape. When planning a shot, I can be meticulous and take the time necessary to create images I will enjoy. As I hike the desert for an interesting location to shoot, I'm outside engaging in a fun fitness routine. But most of all, it's time alone for me. Time to escape the BS; slow down... and just breathe.

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1. In December, the full moon has already risen as the sun is setting, leaving a significant amount of light on the east and west sides. This image is a composite of four photos capturing the traffic passing through Tortilla Flat. Dodging and burning was also applied to bring out more detail or provide the image with more contrast. The top right of the mountain range, in my opinion, looks like a bear's head as it watches the moon rise. This image continues to be a work in progress with the intention of making a good print.

(f/11, 0.8 sec, ISO 200, 50mm)

2. Approximately one hour after sunet, the light from the full moon, rising on the right side, was diffused and softened to reveal beautiful night time colors of the desert. During the editing process, a black and white filter was used to enhance the cloud cover. A blue filter was applied to reduce an unwanted green cast. Both filters were reduced enough to allow natural color to pass through.

(f/16, 585 sec, ISO 200, 50mm)

3. For years, the section of the Apache Trail that winds up into the mountains was in bad shape. The county recently spent a few years and lots of $$$ to repave the road. Upon completion, idiots with loud cars began using the road at night for racing. The roar of the engines can be heard at a distance, destroying the tranquility of the forest. And of course, damage to the new roads is obvious. During a long exposure of a bridge near Canyon Lake, the car lights of racers passing over were captured. Although the image looks interesting, it's not revealing a positive situation.

(f/11, 425 sec, ISO 100, 50mm)

4. In my opinion, sunset images look much better when detailed landscape is included. The most attractive portion of the sky, at the time, was along the mountain slope which offered terrain for the image. As I remember the scene, the terrain needed to be slightly lighter so I dodged it during the editing process.

(f/8, 1/100 sec, ISO 250, 85mm)

5. Spending a lot of time roaming around the desert at night, not many places give me an uneasy feeling. Except for the location where I shot this image. It's the farthest picnic area away from the Canyon Lake Marina. And there's something spooky about it late at night, even when there's plenty of moonlight. The first time there, I immediately thought of the old Universal monster movies and imagined the Creature From The Black Lagoon emerging from the lake, or the Mummy making its way across the parking lot. Neither scenario has happened... yet. Anyway, under moonlight, the reflection of the mountain ridge on the lake with the marina in the background has made for a very nice set of images. More of the set will be shown when images in the gallery are changed.

(f/11, 435 sec, ISO 64, 28mm)

6. During the editing process, both black and white, and blue filters were applied. The opacity of each filter was then reduced to allow color through. The nice thing about using filters in post is you can vary the amount of the effect. If a filter placed on a lens does not work as expected, you're stuck with the results, or you have to reshoot.

(f/11, 1/80 sec, ISO 64, 50mm)

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